Here are the Killer bananas being sold in Nairobi

Here are the Killer bananas being sold in Nairobi

Here are the Killer bananas being sold in Nairobi

Have you at any point pondered where those individuals who move consistently aged bananas on handcarts and basic supply slows down source them from?

This propensity can be seen at Airport North-Ring street roundabouts and different markets inside Nairobi and numerous different towns in Kenya.

Here are the Killer bananas being sold in Nairobi

Companions, we as a whole love bananas and we eat a great deal of them, yet the bananas accessible in the market are compelled to mature by dunking in water blended with Carbide.

The utilization of these bananas is 100% certain to cause Cancer or some different diseases in the stomach.

Accordingly, such sort of bananas ought to be evaded. However, how can one perceive bananas matured with the assistance of Carbide?

Bananas which are matured normally are dull yellow and there are little dark spots all over on the bananas and the stalks are dark.

While those which are constrained age with Carbide are lemon yellow and their stalks are green and also they are clear yellow with no dark spots.

Carbide is a synthetic which whenever blended with water, emanates heat and the warmth radiated by a Close tank blended with Carbide is significantly more than that discharged by a LPG Cylinder, to such an extent it tends to be utilized for Gas Cutting (which implies the calorific esteem is high to the point that it can supplant LPG gas).

Similarly, when the cluster of bananas is dunked in the water blended with Carbide, the gas gets retained into the bananas and they get ready.

The Impact

Be that as it may, the banana sellers are not unreasonably proficient thus they don’t have the foggiest idea about the careful extent of Carbide to be utilized for a many bananas.

Thus, they end up utilizing overabundance amount of Carbide which gets ingested into the bananas and at last enters our framework.

Because of this overabundance utilization of Carbide, tumors can be shaped in our stomach related framework.

Along these lines, next time you buy bananas, ensure you select the normally matured ones

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